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Mission Statement

Applied Consumer & Clinical Evaluations pursues standards of excellence to ensure continued growth and profitability for our constituents, employees, clients and community.  We are obliged to plan and perform to the best of our capabilities for the security and realization of our constituents by performing in a professional and ethical manner.

Clients can expect a professional, confidential service respectful of their needs; prompt communication of results based on the application of state-of-the-art techniques; and continued information updates at assist the overall professional growth of our Marketing Research Industry.

Community involvement is the livelihood of our business.  Consumers who participate in studies at ACCE can expect fair and equitable treatment for their time and efforts.  Our respondents’ names and records are confidential and therefore are not divulged to any other party.  Since this is a vital resource, we protect and nurture it at all times.  Respondents will be enrolled regardless of race, colour, religion, age or gender.

Employees can expect ACCE to maintain fair and equal employment practices regardless of race, colour, religion, age or gender.  A professional working environment will be provided for job satisfaction and personal development so that employees can achieve their potential.  Each employee represents the Company and is responsible for selling the Company to prospects, clients and the community through their actions and attitudes on and off the job.

The mission of the Company and each of its employees is to sell our professional market research/product testing SERVICE to the consumer goods industries.  We as a Company, will provide quality service to our clients by meeting or exceeding recognized industry, community and government standards.  Each task is part of the service we are selling and our objective is to provide good value to our clients.