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Test Day Requirements

Please review the following guidelines to assist you in preparation for your test:

  • ARRIVE ON TIME: It is important that you arrive at the facility with enough time to register at the front desk. If you arrive late, a standby will be used and you will not be paid.
  • BRING PHOTO ID: When you arrive to register you may be asked to provide photo identification. You are the person that has qualified to participate in the study, so please do not have someone substitute for you.
  • FRAGRANCE FREE FACILITY: Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne when you are coming to the facility to test products. Additionally, please refrain from smoking for at least 30 minutes before your scheduled test.
  • NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Prior to participating in your test, it is requiredthat your cell phone is turned off. You will be asked to refrain from listening to any music players and from using other electronic devices during your test.
  • CHILDREN: Children are not permitted to accompany you into the testing session. There is a play room available in the reception area. ACCE is not responsible for children that are left unattended.
  • CONFIDENTIAL: Please do not discuss the products you have tested with anyone. This is confidential and it is important that you do not share any information outside of this facility.