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Research - Actionable

Consumer guidance research reliability is only the first step to a successful research project. First you must have confidence that the results are reliable. The next critical step of the research is delivering actionable results. This is a core benefit that ACCE International brings to every project. This is achieved through:

A Team of Experts – ACCE International has a team of experts that bring a wide range of experience from food science, nutrition, business applications, quality assurance, consumer behavior, psychology, and sensory evaluation. The ACCE International team is committed to keeping up to date on all developments in the research field.

ACCE-IQ™ – Research results are only one part of the equation. Understanding the results within the context of category specific norms over time is critical. This is the value that ACCE International’s unique normative standards data base, ACCE-IQ™, provides. Developed from thousands of consumer research projects executed over the past 24 years in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical categories ACCE-IQ™ provides category norms for blind and branded products.

ACCE-ID™ – Extracting the most meaningful information from the collected data depends on the range of analytical techniques employed and the ability of the research team to interpret the results. ACCE International employs a package of validated analytical techniques to deliver reliable and actionable insights. ACCE International continues to add to their analytical process through their ongoing development program of proprietary research.