A trained sensory panel is a cost effective method of research used to quantify product characteristics in detailed sensory terms.

Our trained panels at ACCE discern whether or not differences exist amongst a range of products and whether those differences warrant consumer testing or further product development.

At ACCE International we have trained descriptive sensory panels that achieved international recognition for quality panel work against worldwide standards (Calibsensory).


Trained Sensory Descriptive Panel

ACCE's Trained Sensory Descriptive panel has tested everything from soup to nuts. Whether it be profiling of individual food, shelf-life testing, category appraisals of multiple products, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, entrees, complete meals or desserts, our panel can meet your needs. ACCE panelists are also proficient in testing non- foods including personal care and paper and textile products.

Multipurpose Preparation Areas

We have two multipurpose preparation areas that can handle the diverse cooking needs of CPG and food service products. In addition to accessible product delivery we also have multiple storage areas including spacious walk-in refrigerators and freezers.  If you need to supply and set up your own equipment for product preparation, we can also accommodate this requirement.

Offsite Panel

Our panel can also travel offsite within and outside Canada to best meet the needs of our clients for descriptive sensory testing.

Panelist Performance

Panelist performance is monitored on a continuous basis using industry tested methodologies and statistical analysis tools. All panelists undergo performance validation testing each year.  Our descriptive sensory panels have achieved international recognition for quality panel work against worldwide standards (Calibsensory).

Data Collection

Data is collected using proprietary software and analyzed by our in-house statistical department for in depth analysis. We can also forward project data sets to client designated statisticians for analysis as needed.

Team Collaboration

Our collaborative leadership group is involved in research and application of innovative sensory methodologies to continue to best serve our clients.