Capabilities & Capacity

Sensory Research

Consumer Research

Descriptive Analysis

Trained Panels / Discrimination Panels

Temporal Sensory Perception Measures

Concept Development & Evaluation

Ad Claims / Claim substantiation

Category Appraisal

Sensory Drivers of Liking / Preference Mapping

Sensory-Tolerance for Product Specifications

Focus Groups

Emotional & Physiological Response-Based Techniques

Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) Analysis

Conjoint Analysis

Product innovation, renovation and optimization research & guidance

Traditional and emerging sensory methodologies

Comfortable, large, agile, accessible, main-floor area for focus group or large CLT conduct

2 large, fully equipped professional kitchens

2 observation rooms – each seats 12 comfortably

Video & audio streaming & recording

40,000 person database to accommodate all recruiting needs

In-context & virtual reality testing onsite

In-restaurant, in-store, in-production testing conduct experts

Certified food preparation & serving staff

Friendly, meticulous, well-trained serving and hosting available for any size project/event

First party panel provider

Large proprietary, multicultural respondent database

Global execution

In-house food science team

Expertise in marketing strategies & roadmapping

In-house analytics team & extensive normative databases

A Bridge Between The Consumer and Producer

Become a Participant

Fortune 500 companies want your opinion and they are willing to pay for it. It’s as simple as taste food products, give us your opinion, earn cash!



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Pangborn 2021 Sensory Symposium