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Research is expensive, we all know that! Research also gives you the power to predict product success and how to optimize products to optimize their success. Every dollar invested in research guides thousands of dollars in product marketing - you simply cannot risk investing in research that delivers questionable results. Reliability, or confidence, in research results and the insights they provide is key and must be considered in every research project, which is exactly what you can trust ACCE to do for you.

Home-Use Testing (HUT)

With ACCE, you can be confident that your research results will reflect the highest level of reliability, and thus quality and integrity, in the industry. ACCE has achieved this level of reliability through:

Experience - ACCE International brings over 200 years of collective research management experience. ACCE International has consulted on, designed and executed thousands of research projects on five continents.

ISO9001 - ACCE International is ISO 9001 certified ensuring every element of research is conducted in a consistent, systematic manner.

Propriety ACCE systems – ACCE has put proprietary intelligence and experience behind these unique tools, which are used to ensure data reliability and quality:


ACCE-IT™ is proprietary software that facilitates exemplary data quality, customizable research design and the consistently highly responsive return of results that our clients demand. Developed through extensive research, planning and exploration, ACCE-IT™ is the most advanced software available to meet the needs and expectations of the leading sensory and consumer research firm in Canada, ACCE!

ACCE-IT™ combines the power of science, extensive research experience, and up-to-date and emerging technology in a powerful way that enables ACCE International to deliver reliable, actionable consumer insights by design™.


ACCE-E-OP™ is our process management tool that ensures your sensory and consumer research projects are monitored and controlled from start to finish. Based on established ISO processes, ACCE-E-OP™ goes beyond rudimentary compliance through the establishment of a continuous improvement environment quality management system. From recruiting through fieldwork, product reception and storage through data analysis and project management, the reliability of your research processes and the integrity of your data are ensured by our quality management tool.


Actionable results are the outputs you need to optimize your products and drive your development and marketing activities; working with the experts at ACCE, actionable results are exactly what you will get. ACCE doesn’t just deliver pretty graphs with notions of product success drivers; ACCE uses validated methods and tools to ensure the highest data integrity – and its these data that we couple with our extensive norms databases and deep knowledge of sensory and food science and technology to provide insights on the direction and degree that your product needs to move to deliver consumer delight!

Our proprietary data collection, management, and integration programs are part of how we ensure the insights we deliver are evidence-based and in-context.


Product development and consumer understanding are complex activities, ACCE applies a range of analytical techniques to extract the most meaningful information from the collected data enabling the research team to accurately, reliably and consistently interpret the results.

ACCE-ID™ is a tool that integrates validated and cutting-edge methods, analytical tools, and actual
experience to provide powerful, science-driven insights.


“Failing fast” may be a product development and optimisation strategy for some organisations, but wouldn’t you and your business prefer an option that drives succeeding fast?

ACCE-IQ™ is the consolidation of data from thousands of sensory and consumer research projects ACCE has conducted over our last 35 years of helping global CPGs with product development and innovation.

ACCE-IQ™ turns our enormous historic database into a powerful big data tool that ACCE can use to help
you delight consumers at first launch.

By Design

Every product is unique; thus, every piece of research must consider and capture that uniqueness to derive the greatest value from your research investment. Much like your product, ACCE is unique in that every research project is a customised to address your unique product and needs. In bringing a wealth of theoretical, practical, and market expertise together under the roof of one research house, ACCE can ensure that almost any research objective can be fully addressed to actionable outcomes.

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