Sophie V.

ACCE is a great partner in Consumer research. Their team is dynamic, thorough, devoted and dedicated to their client’s projects. Their main focus is on good quality data and results and how to achieve them, with a rigorous methodology. Their services will help you develop successful products. Working with them is always a great pleasure.

Kerie G.

You get to test new products and give your opinion to help improve things.

David Z.

Great way to get a few extra dollars in cash. There’s not too many ways for kids to earn money these days either and it gives them the opportunity to earn some money for opinions.

Rick K.

ACCE is a great place to sign up for sampling products before they reach the consumer the bonus is you get paid cash for each study most only taking an hour and usually 25 dollars is what you’ll receive. Extra pocket money doesn’t hurt plus it’s fun!?Sign up try it out!

Jessica C.

When I got there they didn’t really explain what I was supposed to do – they just hand you a card with a # on it and you sit in the waiting room to wait till they are ready for the testers. Once you get upstairs, the ladies are really nice and instructive about where to sit, how to answer surveys, etc. What they didn’t tell me was to get paid, you need to bring the # back downstairs and sign out so you can get cash.

Diana G.

The receptionists are very nice. It’s always great when you make a quick buck while eating or drinking.

K. Davies

Love trying new products! Great payouts and always a great feeling that I had a hand in bringing out a new product on the shelves.

Deep G.

Share opinions get paid.

Shawn G.

Very friendly staff. Surveys are straight forward. Typical session is usually 1 to 2 hours. Flexible times available to participate. Cash compensation directly after completion of study. Sometimes you get to sample items that have not been made available to the public yet.

Aniko E.

Been going to them for 20 years, they’re very organized and great for some pocket money.

John Y.

Hey, why haven’t you signed up yet. Get ready to be a tester, give your honest review on testing products, food and drinks and get paid. Simply go to the website and register.

Robert F.

What a sweet way to make $20 or more for just 30 to 40 minutes of taste testing. Everyone’s courteous and the samples range from pretty good to scrumptious.

P. P.

Awesome experiences. The staff are very friendly. All kinds of interesting topics.

Anuj S.

Most of the staff is nice. The compensation for participating is reasonable. Some participants are rude but you can’t control that.

Sherline T.

The studies they have are always interesting.

Don M.

Good food study’s.

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