Consumer Research

Qualitative Consumer Research

Qualitative consumer research insights are an invaluable component of any research study. Direct feedback from your consumers can come in many forms – open-ended comment questions in quantitative surveys, in-depth respondent interviews, traditional focus groups, consumer-led product ideation, ethnographic research – all of which can provide unique perspective and development direction. ACCE’s methodologies, analytics, and expertise bring you the voice of your consumer.

Looking to drive your knowledge further without breaking your research budget? Considering the greatest cost in consumer guidance research is the recruitment of consumers, digging deeper with those consumers is certainly worth your while. The thoughtful marriage of qualitative and quantitative (e.g., CLT or HUT) research allows ACCE to ensure key research learning is leveraged to maximize the value of your total research investment.


Quantitative Consumer Research

ACCE has the capacity and capabilities to conduct any kind of quantitative research in any kind of environment. Our agile customizable facility and proprietary project management, research design, panelist tracking, and data collection software allows us the flexibility to create the necessary situation to appropriately evaluate your product. In-booth, in-context, in-home, in-restaurant…wherever your research warrants you go, ACCE will get you there with our expertise in research methods, analytics, interpretations, insights, and reporting.


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