Quantitative Consumer Research

Central Location Testing (CLT)

The majority of ACCE`s projects and studies are conducted as central location tests (CLT). Respondents, who are recruited to participate in these types of studies, come to an ACCE facility to evaluate products. The main CLT facility is in Mississauga, Ontario with partner facilities in key Canadian, US and European cities.

Home-Use Testing (HUT)

Home Use Tests (also known as an In-Home Use Test) are an alternative research design available with ACCE. HUT methodology is generally used for projects where the product needs to be evaluated over a period of time (a day, a week, a month) or when one of the key objectives is to have the consumer use the product in the real life setting of the home.
ACCE’s HUT methods resolve the two drawbacks with traditional home placement studies;
Loss of control over sample order and rotation, and turnaround time to report receipt. Our tight management of sample distribution and evaluation has shortened our fielding time, all of which means we get results to your business faster. ACCE is also an industry leader in the conduct of in-store and on-location research conduct for retail and restaurant clients.

Online Research Projects

Online studies provide a cost-effective research method for concept testing, as a qualifying technique for CLT and HUT studies and as a data collection method for HUT studies. ACCE offers online research using a panel of representative respondents from across Canada, the U.S, and around the world.

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