Descriptive Analysis

Panelist Performance

A trained descriptive panel must maintain 3 key parameters – repeatability of each individual panelist, agreement within the panel, and the ability for the panel to discriminate between different stimuli or levels of the same stimuli. ACCE panelists undergo performance validation testing each year. Our descriptive sensory panels have achieved international recognition for quality panel work against worldwide standards (Calibsensory).

Data Collection

ACCE knows that data collection and storage integrity is key to maintain data fidelity, and, therefore, the quality of research outputs. Data is collected using proprietary software and analyzed by our in-house statistical department for a deep dive into the results.

ACCE’s Travelling Panel

There are a number of situations where research needs or product-use regulations require that evaluations be conducted in specific facilities or areas. Not only can our panel come to your site in Canada or the U.S., but they will travel globally, as needed, to best meet the needs of our clients for descriptive sensory testing.

Team Collaboration!

Our multidisciplinary, collaborative leadership team is involved in all aspects of all research projects. It’s through this deep involvement and our inter-departmental collaboration that ACCE continually improves operational efficiency to ensure you, our clients, get the most insights for your research dollars.

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