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Research is a significant investment that determines product success and every dollar invested in research guides thousands of dollars in product marketing. You simply cannot risk investing in research that delivers questionable results. For that reason reliability, or confidence, in the research results is a key factor that should be considered in every consumer research project. read more


Consumer guidance research reliability is only the first step to a successful research project. First you must have confidence that the results are reliable. The next critical step of the research is delivering actionable results. This is a core benefit that ACCE International brings to every project. read more

By Design

Every product is unique. Every research project executed must be able to capture that uniqueness to deliver the greatest value from your research investment. ACCE International custom designs every research project to ensure the research objectives are achieved. ACCE International has experience in designing and fielding quantitative and qualitative research. read more

IRB – Independent Review Board

The primary purpose of the IRB (Independent Review Board) is to protect respondents from improperly designed research. The second and equally important purpose of the IRB is to evaluate the risk to benefit ratio of this research. read more