Sensory Research


Sensory Panels

ACCE maintains sensory acuity-screened sensory panels for the conduct of discrimination tests, including all types of comparison difference testing (paired-comparison, triangle, tetrad, etc.). These panels are useful not only in productivity exercises (ingredient substitution, equipment replacement, and production specifications with consideration of batch-batch variation tolerance), but also in the substantiation of advertising claims based on product differences.

Additionally, our highly-trained, validated, and versatile descriptive analysis program allows us to evaluate a breadth of CPG categories from gum to personal care products without the long lead time typically required to build, train, and such panels internally.

Descriptive Analysis

With the broad adoption of sensory science across CPG R&D and marketing teams, the phrase ‘descriptive analysis’ has come to mean many different things to different people; ACCE will help you determine whether your research requires a qualitative sensory outline (ACCE Sensory Sketch™), or more quantitative and rigorous methods such as consensus product profiling and complete and comprehensive descriptive analysis. Whatever your objective - shelf-life testing, multi-product category appraisal, operational productivity and efficiency – ACCE has the capacity and capabilities to get you the data and insights you need to make informed, evidence-based business decisions.

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