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Why choose ACCE for sensory and consumer research needs?

ACCE is one of the leading sensory and consumer research providers in North America!
Our clients choose ACCE because:

  • We create clear, easy to follow execution processes from complex experimental designs
  • Each of our team members is a highly-regarded, highly-experienced subject matter expert
  • We deliver actionable, evidence-based results to drive your business decisions forward with confidence
  • We are YOUR research experts!

I need to have my product profiled…what does that mean?

Product profiling means different things to different people – ACCE has the expertise and breadth of product profiling capabilities to get you the kind of profiling actually needed to make your business decision. ACCE will help you determine whether your research requires a qualitative sensory outline (ACCE Sensory Sketch™), or more quantitative and rigorous methods such as consensus product profiling and complete and comprehensive descriptive analysis. Whatever your objective – shelf-life testing, multi-product category appraisal, operational productivity and efficiency ACCE can help you find the methods you need.

To learn more about ACCE’s robust sensory research program, Please Contact Us or Read More Here.

I think I need to run my consumer research in my restaurant, can ACCE do that?

Talk To Us about the best context in which to conduct your research – whether you need in-restaurant, in-store, or other in-context situation, ACCE’s expert in-field-testing team will ensure everything is seamless for your business and your research.

Does ACCE have academic or professional association memberships?

Absolutely! ACCE values its association memberships immensely and we would love to catch up with you at any meetings we may be attending.

Click Here to see our associations and networks.

Does ACCE have the space and manpower to run my consumer test AND my focus groups?

YES! Our organization and our infrastructure are truly full service – we have all the necessary space and staff to create and execute any kind of research project. Talk To Us about our Consumer Research capabilities and capacity and, in the meantime, have a look at our Focus Group facilities.

Can I be a participant? How do I get try products for research projects?

We’re always looking for individuals to participate as respondents in our sensory, consumer, and clinical research projects! Become A Tester today.

Do I need sensory research or consumer research? How do I decide?

As a supplier who offers both consumer research and sensory research, we hear this question all the time! All too often, we see clients who know they need information but are unclear on the methodology or what underlying data is needed to generate the information they need. While many factors go into the final decision, it is typically well predicted by one simple question; do you want to understand how much your product is liked? If yes, then consumer research is probably right for you, but if understanding sensory attributes is more important, then a trained sensory panel might be your best bet. Talk To Us to learn more about how we can help you meet your research needs.

Should the brands included in my research project be visible to research participants? Does it really matter if participants are blind to the brand during their evaluation?

Everyone knows the importance of branding – a great brand sells products! A great brand builds trust and loyalty, it stands for something and has value. The power of branding is truly amazing – it has the ability to change how you perceive the taste of a product. With this understanding and the knowledge that a great brand must deliver on its promises to maintain its value, we conduct both blind and branded tests that we tailor to address your research questions. Talk To Us about the best options for you.